See which available class fits your schedule best!

June 15:

This class will begin on Tuesday, June 15, at 5:30 to 6:45 PM, continuing for the next 4 consecutive weeks every Tuesday.

The dates for this class will be: June 15, June 22,  June 29, and Graduation on July 6. 

July 1:

This class will begin on Thursday, July 1 at 5:30 to 6:45 PM, continuing for the next 4 consecutive weeks every Thursday.

The dates for this class will be: July 1, July 8, July 15 and Graduation on July 22. 

July 13:


This class will begin on Tuesday, July 13 at 5:30pm and run for 4 consecutive weeks every Tuesday. (Please be aware we will be one week gap week 3 due to vacation) 

The dates for this class will be: July 13, July 20, SKIPPING THIS WEEK, continuing on August 3 ,and Graduation on August 10. 




For pups 8-16 weeks of age

The Royal Puppy Training Class & The Intermediate Training Class are both 4-week consecutive classes held in our outdoor, half acre, Adult Dog Daycare Yard. The number of puppies in each class is very important to us, as too many and the shy puppies can be overwhelmed and scared, while too few and then socialization does not occur. Therefore we have a maximum of 17 puppies per class.

Please get in touch with us to enroll as soon as you get your puppy. The Royal Puppy Academy fills up fast!

The puppies enrolled in The Royal Puppy Training Class must also attend our Puppy Socialization Sessions. We offer a variety of discounted packages as listed below. 

Your spot is not reserved until we receive your payment - you must either purchase the Rainbow, Platinum or Gold package for your puppy.



Rainbow Pack- Training Class + 14 Socialization Sessions: $599 

Platinum Pack- Training Class + 8 Socialization Sessions: $439 

Gold Pack- Training Class + 4 Socialization Sessions: $329

This Beginning Royal Puppy Class is available to pups 8-16 weeks of age. 

This class starts with 30 minutes of off-leash playtime before we begin 45 minutes of focused training for a total of 75 minutes. We cover all the basic behaviors your puppy needs to grow into a well behaved and balanced happy dog such as Name Recognition, 'super sit', 'come', 'leave it', 'take it', 'drop' and Loose Leash Walking. We expect all the puppies to be able to perform all of these commands efficiently by Graduation at week 4. 




We are making changes to the Training Class because of the Coronavirus. For the foreseeable future we are limiting the number of puppies per Royal Puppy Class to 17. We are also only allowing TWO family members to attend the Training Class per puppy. A different family member can attend each of the four Classes and at the end of each session you will receive a comprehensive homework sheet which the whole family can use to practice at home, but we are only able to have TWO PEOPLE per puppy in class for the time being. We are very sorry that you will not be able to have your whole family with you during this exciting time of training your puppy. At Woofingham Palace we have always encouraged the whole family to come along and your close friends too, as it was an excellent opportunity for your puppy to socialize with lots of people and children. However for the safety of our staff and clients we must limit the number of people who are in attendance. You will have lots of space as the Class is held outside in our half acre training yard, but we do request that all attending puppy handlers wear a mask while in the Royal Puppy Class. We hope to be able to have the whole family return to the Training Class as soon as possible.