It’s important to note that we are an upscale, professional dog boarding facility  and not a traditional Californian dog kennel. Let us tell you what sets us apart from traditional dog kennels in the area.

Your dogs safety is our number one priority. Though other Facilities may temperament test a dog before accepting them for boarding. They have only met that dog once. This is not a true indicator of a dogs personality. At Woofingham Palace we have a policy of only accepting our daycare clients for boarding. This ensures the safety of all the dogs who are boarding and also all the dogs who are visiting us for daycare that day. Off Leash Play and Kennel Free Boarding are buzz words that are now being used by less professional dog kennels which want to get in on the the latest trend. However please remember off leash play can be fast paced and high adrenaline. Dogs need  to become acclimatized to this style of play and the intensity of it. It is also very often the first time they have been anywhere without their owner. You can’t just throw a dog into this type of play environment, for an extended stay and expect them to cope without any issues.

As a Fully Qualified CPDT Professional Dog Trainer, Samantha Mears knows that even the most docile dog, who is deposited at a Facility they don’t know, with dogs and staff members who are strangers to them, can become stressed and even uncharacteristically aggressive due to the abandonment that appears to have happened to them. We do not believe that a Facility is a safe environment for off leash dog play when you mix in boarding dogs who have only visited that Facility either once, for a temperament test or boarded at that Facility a number of months before. None of the other dogs in the play group know that dog and the Staff do not know the personality of the new dog.

Woofingham Palace was created to fill a void that exists in Dog Daycare and Boarding Facilities,  for a safe Off Leash, Kennel Free, Daycare and Boarding environment. We believe dogs need time to get used to this play style and also the opportunity to see that their owner  will ALWAYS return, at the end of the session, to take them home.  We do not believe that it is safe for dogs to only board in that type of environment, without having gotten used to it before hand and also seen that their owner always comes back. Therefore, for these reasons,  Woofingham Palace will NEVER Board a dog who is not an established daycare client. This is for the protection of all of Woofingham Palaces dog clients, the Staff and the Boarding dog itself.

Samantha Mears CPDT  -KA. APDT Professional Member. Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.

Dogs spending the night with us are truly treated like a Royal VIP. We board a maximum of 10 dogs at one time. All the dogs who board with us, have already been a daycare client for at least 10 daycare visits. Boarding is only available to daycare clients and those daycare clients visit the Facility at least once every week. This means that we can ensure that all of our boarders are totally comfortable in the environment and are boarding with their friends who they already know.

The boarders  spend the day playing or relaxing in our 1 acre, fenced in, shaded outdoor space or chilling out in the cozy nap room. They can  sleep in an expen or in a crate. At the weekend we have no daycare dogs so the boarding dogs get the whole property to themselves. This is relaxation time and the opportunity to get over the intense playing that has occurred with their friends who visited Daycare Monday through Friday. No dog will be put into a kennel and all dogs sleep inside. No outdoor kennels for our Royal Boarders!

Your dog will go to bed at 6.30pm, he will then be let out for a final potty break at 10.30pm and will be let out in the morning at 7am. Staff live on site to keep a close eye on your dog throughout the night. This prevents your dog forgetting his potty training which can happen at facilities where your dog is placed in a kennel at 5pm and not let out again until the following morning. If they need to potty then they have no choice but to potty in the kennel and many people find that their dog returns from traditional kennels and they have to potty train them all over again.


Boarding is only available to Daycare Clients. $84 per night.  $61 per night for second dog. No dogs will be Boarded who are not Spayed or Neutered.


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