More space, more fun……..more freedom to run. All in Encinitas

We are a Daycare and Training Facility. We only offer Boarding to our Daycare clients. Our mission at Woofingham Palace is to create an environment that your dog would choose for himself.

We are fully against warehousing dogs in cages  just to make a quick profit.

We don’t think it’s necessary for your dog to have to spend any of his time in a kennel. In fact we believe this so strongly your dog will spend NONE of his time in a kennel when he is at Woofingham Palace for Daycare, Training or Boarding.

Group  Training Classes and Private Training are available, with one of the  highest qualified and experienced Positive Reinforcement Trainers in North County.

We are a Daycare, Puppy Socialization & Training Facility that only offers Boarding to our Daycare Clients. We do not Board dogs who do not visit out Daycare at least once a week. This avoids fights between dogs who don’t know each other. Nobody else can offer your dog the unique opportunity of  having a sleepover with only his buddies. This will allow him to feel safe and secure in an environment he knows, with dogs and staff that he trusts. He will be so busy he won’t have time to miss you!

Other Daycare and Boarding facilities actively discourage your dog from running and playing with the other dogs, due to too many dogs, in too small a space. At Woofingham Palace we actively ENCOURAGE your dog to run as fast as he can and engage in fun and frolics with his other doggy friends.

We can do this because we have nearly an acre of artificial, dog friendly turf. The turf has 2 inches of underlay underneath which gives extra padding, protecting those doggy joints from injury when they are running around. We also have shade sails to keep them cool and Windsor Castle and London Bridge our two story wooden play structures for the dogs to play on and pools for them to splash around in.

We believe that the more time your dog spends being mentally and physically stimulated, the more tired and happy he will be when he comes home safely to you. We can ensure safely, as we temperament test every dog before allowing them to become a Woofingham Palace client and while he is here, he will be closely monitored and engaged by our highly trained staff. We have the highest staff to dog ratio of any other Licensed Facility in the area.

A tired dog equals a happy owner and a happy owner is another satisfied client for Woofingham Palace, but don’t just take our word for it. Check out  the More Page to see the Gallery Pictures or click the Facebook icon on the top of this page Facebook.com/Woofingham or #woofinghampalaceSD Or feel free to email us with any questions: info@woofinghampalace.com


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